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[sap-acct] Reversal of AUC Asset

on 08/02/2008 09:51:00 AM

Dear SAP Gurus,

1> We have created an AUC Asset using AS01.
2> Value posted to AUC for 28 Desktop for Rs.672000/-
3> AUC Asset settlement is done to a new Asset for 8 Desktop with
Value Rs.240000/- using AIAB / ABIU.
4> But is was later on found that the value should have been
5> We want to reverse the document posted as the time of AUC
settlement, I,e, Reversal of AUC settlement using AB08.

But the system is showing below error message:-

Line item settlement is not possible for asset 1020 401045 0

Message no. AW050


You want to carry out line item settlement of an asset under
construction. This transaction can only be carried out for assets with
active line item management.
However, line item settlement is not active in the asset class of asset
401045 0 (company code 1020).
If the asset is an asset under construction belonging to an investment
measure, then you should carry out the settlement using order or project


Check the setting for ‘status of AuC’ in the definition of the asset

Please Advise.


Alok __.____._

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