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[sap-acct] Depreciation Method Change Prospectively
May 28, 2009, 10:53
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Posted by Lee seul lee
on 08/04/2008 12:00:00 AM

Hi, Everyone

In Korea, we’re going to have IFRS project. As IFRS applied, the following condition should be configured in SAP.
“IAS 16: The change in method should be treated as a change in estimate and applied prospectively”
Till now, when we have a case to change depreciation method(include Useful Life), the change
of the depreciation method applied retrospectively.
Would you pls let me know how to change this setting in SAP?
What I found is follwing steps. But I’m not clear yet.

1) Change Multi Level Method and Select Base Value as “New Book Value-24”. 2) Change Dep Key

If you have some detail manual or internet link for the process, pls send it to me.
My email is ” email@removed “

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