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RE:[sap-log-mm] Old GR without IR

Posted by Bharath Kumar Nallamalli
on 08/03/2008 01:56:00 PM

Do MR11. It is GR/IR Maintain. It will clear GR/IR A/c.
When MR11 is used?
1. We receved the goods against a PO and no longer receive invoice from the vendor. This may be, vendor has gone out of business

2. we received 100 units and returned 3 units because of poor quality. By mistake, vendor was paid fully. we will not get that amount in future, because vendor business will no longer exist. vendor wind off his business.

Warm Regards,
—–Original Message—–
Really Much appreciated. Actually, we do not expect any invoices for
these old P.O’s and also we don’t have to pay vendors for this. So I
believe I do not need to do VIV for these P.o’s, as MM (new) suggested.
Now, what could be the best option to close these P.O’s and How?
Best Regards,

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