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May 28, 2009, 10:06
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Posted by kshouldi
on 08/05/2008 12:57:00 PM

We had a similar issue. The tran log was filling when attempting to to a db delete.

I had found a parameter in the RSADMINC table, LOCKCR which when set will set the deletions to 50k record commits. We set this parameter and then executed the change run. The change run would execute quickly on a 50k set once or twice, with a db commit then fail after the commit. We repeated the failed change run over and over until it finally succeeded. To confirm that it is working you can monitor the record counts of the data to be changed in the relevant master data tables.
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Hello!I have an URGENT problem I am hoping you can help me solve.I regrettably executed a full load infopackage for a master data InfoObject which contained more data than our quality environment can handle (9 million records — YES I’ve learned my lesson to check the master data table before executing a full load 😦 ). The infopackage completed after approximately 4 hours. However, the aggregate change run terminates because of the large amount of data. The database tran log fills and BW crashes. BASIS has rescheduled the dump of the tran log to execute every 30 minutes but this does not help because the change run does not execute a commit which would allow the tran log to dump. For the next attempt to fix the problem, BASIS doubled the size of the tran log… unfortunately the attribute change run is now crashing because of no virtual memory.Ideally I would like to reset BW to look like it did BEFORE this large infopackage was executed. *Is there a way I can remove the InfoObject from the change run list and backout/remove any changes the large infopackage made*? At the very least, I need the change run to be able to be executed successfully.I’ve spent a better part of 2 days searching SDN and SAP websites for a solution. I’ve found several references on SDN to a function module RSDDS_AGGR_MOD_CLOSE. However postings mention it is not recommended by SAP to use unless it is a last resort. Also I am not 100% sure this will solve this issue as I believe the InfoObject will remain in the change run list.Please HELP as this issue is holding up a deadline on a VERY critical project as well as stopping any master data updates in BW Quality.Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me!Teri

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