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RE:[sap-acct] Clear Cashed Checks – FCKR vs. FCHR

Posted by CELESTINO PINTO (Corporate Accounting Mgr.)
on 08/10/2008 10:40:00 PM

There seems to be a difference between FCHR and FCKR. We have been using FCHR and have found out now that this just clears the Checks but does not do any FI entry between the Bank Check Clearing Account and the Main Bank Account. Unless it is something to do with config or Account setup.
For us the Main Bank Account is setup as Non-Open Item Management and the Bank Check Clearing Account is setup as Open Item Management ticked.

We would like to use transaction FCHR but due to the fact that it does not do a FI entry, it does not work for us.

The creation of a file FCKR is cumbersome. So far after a lot of tries w have not been successfull in creating a file that works. Is there any other way to clear Cashed Checks. The Bank statements do not work for us as we are located in the US/Canada. Or is there a utility that can convert an excel file to the correct SAP format for FCKR?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

—–Original Message—–
Could someone please clarify the following for me?1) Transaction FCHR is where checks are cleared online and 2 transaction FCKR is via file received from the bank. What gathered is that it is in fact the same thing, but woul obviously use FCKR due to huge volumes, human error etc??? have a scenario where client has never cleared ‘outgoing check account and would now, 8 months later want to clear this accoun to determine the ‘outstanding’ items i.e. checks not cleare with bank. I now because of the volume involved want to us transaction FCKR to clear checks, but the bank do not provid facility / file for cleared items and have to produce thi myself which I have done. Can anyone please provide me with test file in order for me to create my own file to populat structures ‘CHECK_HEAD’ and ‘CHECK_REC’ for transaction FCKR Once these checks have been cleared the customer will then star running the Electronic Bank Statement (EBS) where the check will be cleared on a daily basis – how does the check registe get updated to show that the checks have been ‘cashed’???Regards,Terence

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