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RE: [sap-log-mm] Service entry sheet
May 28, 2009, 10:09
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Posted by Christine Smith
on 08/05/2008 12:22:00 AM

Hi Lara,
We used the quantity to be able to adjust the price when processing
planned services.
How we use it is we know that a service will be for eg. 20,000 AUD so
this is the quantity that is entered and the value is for 1.00AUD i.e.
the overall value of the line is still 20,000 AUD. When the service
sheet is entered it is still for a planned line item but the quantity
can be changed based on the dollar value for that particular service
sheet. There may be a number of invoices received before the service is
fully completed, so a service sheet is entered for each. You cannot over
spend this amount as system will not allow this and it is still for a
planned value.
Hopefully this can help.

Christine S

From: lara.charnock via sap-log-mm
Sent: Monday, 4 August 2008 7:41 PM
To: Smith, Christine
Subject: RE:[sap-log-mm] Service entry sheet

Posted by
on 08/04/2008 05:41:00 AM


Please could you confirm that the only way to change the price
on a service entry sheet from that on the PO is to use unplanned
services. If you use “planned” services, how can you change the price?

thanks, Lara
—–Original Message—–
Hi allI’m probably missing something obvious, but we’re having
an issue on a service entry sheet where the user is unable to enter the
price himself – whatever he enters is overwritten by the price on the
PO. I’m assuming this is controlled somewhere by an indicator of some
description but I can’t seem to find it.Would appreciate any
pointers.Thanks and regards, Lara

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