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Re: [sap-career] SAP crossroads!

Posted by Gobinder S Sandhu
on 08/03/2008 10:12:00 PM

My understanding is that you are now looking for SAP functional position in
another company, but at the same time you said after 5 yrs of SAP experience
you know ‘some’ configuration. I would suggest either go for another tenure
of an end user/super user in another org. or study/practice config to move
to an implementation partner. Both are not difficult in my view. One more
thing I would like to say in our kind of field no company can make us
redundant it is us who can let it happen. market is open, other comapnies
are always waiting.

On 8/1/08, titch06 via sap-career <> wrote:
> No, the company contracted out the WM operation to a new company for an 8
> year contract but they have now gone into administration. I’ve now been made
> redundant after over 18 years of service hence now trying to look for
> another SAP position. Very difficult.
> —–Original Message—–
> Are you still at the company were you have this experience from? If
> yes, do they have their IT in-house (at least Functional folks)? If
> yes, I would try to get on the team there and get some experience then
> move.
> Cheers
> John

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