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Re: [sap-acct] Upload files to AL11
May 28, 2009, 10:07
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Posted by adra_dixon
on 08/05/2008 11:45:00 AM

Can you allow the data to come in to your system (WE02) and sit in
status 64 until you are ready to process in SAP? To do this, stop (or
place on hold) the batch job that picks up the idocs from status 64 to
post in SAP during the 2 week black out period.
sriram_sriram via sap-acct wrote:
> Hello Gurus,
> I havent find any question related to mine in this forum.
> We are automating the lockbox upload process and we just went to
> production and have a black out period of 2 weeks. What we are doing
> is we are getting the lockbox BAI2 files directly into our SAP
> directories from the bank. We have batch jobs which will take these
> files and run the FLB2 to post the cash.
> The problem is the key users and power users want to research the BAI2
> files during the black out period and want to do any edits if
> necessary like entering the correct invoice numbers (which is against
> the best practice and a non-compliance of SOX) and upload the files to
> SAP. Is there any way that we can upload the files into SAP
> directories from our PC, I mean into folder paths in AL11 transaction.
> Appreciate your time and help.
> Regards
> Sriram

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