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RE: [sap-acct] Parallel Accounting Solution – Company Code

Posted by Gaurav Malhotra (Project Manager SAP)
on 08/10/2008 05:17:00 AM

Alrite now i would like to ask u what is the version os SAP on which you are working….. and what is the requirement please explain me in detail… we can use the Parallel accounting as well as spl ledger can b configured. We do Parallel Accounting if we have a Seperate Legal entity or if we want to have a different Fiscal year and many more reasons one of them is given to u by Ann.
I will help you and will also send you the config material if necessary…

From: sap-acct@Groups.ITtoolbox.comTo: fly2gaurav@hotmail.comDate: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 07:15:41 +0000Subject: RE:[sap-acct] Parallel Accounting Solution – Company Code
Our external reporting level is company code level. If I refer the SAP Help document, SAP advise additional company code as one of parallel accounting solution. However, I’m not sure about real experience case? Is there any body has some lessons learned from this solution approach. If additional company code is not recommended, we’re thinking we adopt the Special Purpose ledger solution. Pls see the sap help file belows. —–Original Message—– At what level do you do external reporting? NEVER set up additional company codes unless you have a separate legal entity that requires separate reporting. Ann

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