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RE: RE:[sap-acct] SAP Payment Release

Posted by ron.roberts
on 08/10/2008 05:25:00 AM

Prior to running F110, you can block 2 Vendor from all payments. Release the vendor block when you want payments processed.
Alternatively, omit 2 Vendor from the range of vendors selected for F110 processing
Further option, include 2 Vendor in F110 run, but, in resulting proposal, place block on any 2 Vendor documents selected for payment
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Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008 4:30 AM
To: Ron G. Roberts
Subject: RE:[sap-acct] SAP Payment Release

Can I exclude 2 vendor in releasing payment then release the rest of the vendor next week?
is that allowed?
—–Original Message—–
Dear SAP Experts,
I would like to find out more about the Payment release functionality (SAP 4.6C). Could you please advise on how does this approval work ?
Scenario :
2 approval : Approval A & B
Approval A : to approve invoice amount >= USD 100,000.
Approval B : to approve invoice amount >= USD 1000.
Invoice Documents :
Invoice 1 : amount USD 500. Doc.type : KR –> no need approval
Invoice 2 : amount USD 1000 Doc.type : KR –> need approval from B.
Questions :
1. When the payment block will be set (during the invoice creation, or during the payment run) ? If it is during invoice creation, It means that the invoice2 will set as blocked for payment (ie ‘Z’ blocked for payment) when posted in SAP. And, for the invoice1 will not be set as blocked (‘blank’)
2. How do we approve the payment ? Is it one-by-one invoice (as and when there is a invoice posted), or, many invoices after run the payment program ?
3. At what stage the approval will get the message ? ie. will it be after run the payment program?
4. In the configuration they have the document type setting need to be defined. Is this doc.type for the invoice or the payment doc. type?
5. If I want to activate the payment release, do I need to set up the document parking & release as well?
Hope I could get some advise from you soon. Thank you in advance.
Kind regards..Dolly.

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