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What Are Features of Transactional Communication Patterns?
March 5, 2013, 16:13
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SAP XI PI Video Tutorials and Certification Materials Complete Set

Busy in your work schedule? Want to develop an alternative skill that will add value to your career and profession. Do you want to become an expert in “SAP XI/PI” in limited time.

This SAP XI/PI study package is useful for those interested in making a career in SAP XI/PI and also preparing themselves for “SAP XI certification”.

No need to waste time searching for books and tutorials on the world wide web. Everything you need to become an expert in SAP Exchange Infrastructure technology is included in this download.




You get loads of videos and study materials for a price that is next to nothing. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

What you get in this package

1. SAP XI/PI Video tutorials – 7+ hours

  1. SAP NetWeaver Overview
  2. SAP XI – Process Centric Integration
  3. Architecture and Operational Aspects
  4. Adapter Framework and Adapter Strategy
  5. B2B and Industry Standards Support
  6. New Features of the Integration Builder
  7. New Features of the Runtime- Monitoring
  8. Cross-Component Business Process Management
  9. SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management

2. SAP XI/PI Hands-on video excercises – 4+ hours


  • AssignInterfaceMappingtoInterfaceDetermination
  • CreateInterfaceMapping
  • CreateMessageMapping
  • Createnamespace
  • CreateSoftwareComponent
  • LogonToIB-Design
  • LogonToIntegrationBuilderConfiguration
  • LogonToSLD


  • Create Remote Function Destination for Seller’s XI System
  • Assign the RFC destination to the ALE Port
  • Create Remote Function Call for Seller ERP system
  • Create an IDoc Adapter Port for Seller’s ERP system
  • Maintain IDoc Metadata for Seller’s ERP system


  • Defining Technical System for Seller’s XI system
  • Defining Business System for Seller’s XI system
  • Defining Technical System for Buyer’s XI system
  • Defining Business System for Buyer’s XI system


  • Advance Delivery: Create Communication Channel for Seller
  • Invoice Notification: Set Up Sender Agreement
  • Purchase Order Change: Set Up Receiver Determination
  • Purchase Order Confirmation: Set Up Interface Determination
  • Purchase Order Confirmation: Set Up Receiver Agreement
  • PO Request: Activate Changes in Buyer’s XI system

3. SAP XI Certification Course

Get in-depth knowledge of SAP XI going through 14K Pages of top quality material.

Also includes Excercises:

bullet_93.pngExercises on File to IDOC, File to RDBMS, HTTP to RFC, ABAP to RFC & BPM async-sync
bullet_93.pngExercises on RFC to WebService & FileAdapter
bullet_93.pngExcercises on BPM
bullet_93.pngExercises on Rosettanet, EasyModeling, Purchase Order processing, Sales Order Processing, Context Handling, BPM Collect Pattern & Mapping Template

4. SAP XI PPT Presentations

XI Overview, SLD, IntegrationRepository, IntegrationDirectory, and 24 more PPTs.

5. SAP XI/PI Configuration Master Guides

Invoice Notification

  • Install_PCK_Guide
  • System Landscape Directory
  • XI General Settings
  • IDoc Adapter


  • Advance Delivery
  • Invoice
  • Purchase Order Change
  • Purchase Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Order Request

6. SAP XI Workshops

  • Introduction to SAP XI
  • SAP XI and SAP BI Integration
  • B2B and Industry Standards Support
  • SAP XI Adapter Framework

7. SAP XI/PI How-to’s

  • How to configure IDOC-XI-IDOC scenarios
  • How to consume webservice and test it
  • How to convert IDOC to file
  • How to convert IDOCs to XML format
  • How To Convert IDOC-XML structure to flat file and Vice Versa
  • How to monitor RWB
  • How to monitor XI
  • How to set up Alerts for monitoring in XI
  • How to Set up an XI Integration Directory
  • How to Test Proxies

8. SAP XI in a Nutshell – A beginners guide

Functional Components Overview:

Integration Builder (IB), Integration Repository (IR), Integration Directory (ID), Integration Server (IS), Runtime-Workbench (RWB), System Landscape Directory (SLD)

Technical Architecture:

Design and Configuration, Message Processing, Connectivity

9. XI Do-It-Yourself Practicals Guide

  1. Steps to create a Product and a Software Component
  2. Steps to create Technical and Business Systems
  3. Steps to import IDOC INterface from SAP system
  4. Steps to define data type
  5. Steps to create message type
  6. Steps to create message interface
  7. Steps to create message mapping
  8. Steps to define logical system
  9. Steps to define Collaboration Agreements
  10. Steps to configure partner system to receive IDOCs
  11. Steps to create Inbound Function Module
  12. Steps to assign Function Module to Logical message
  13. Steps to Define Input method for Inbound Function Module
  14. Steps to define Logincal system for the partner
  15. Steps to create a Partner profile
  16. Finally steps to send and receive data between two SAP systems

10. XI Interview Questions and Clues

bullet_93.pngInterview questions on Integration Engine
bullet_93.pngInterview questions on Mappings
bullet_93.pngInterview questions on Adapters
bullet_93.pngInterview questions on SLD

11. XI TCODES with Screenshots document


BONUS: How to get access to SAP XI

This bonus material guides you with steps to get access to SAP XI/PI and other systems for free!!

Download this complete study package instantly. Download link is sent within 2 minutes after your purchase. You may Pay with PayPal. All the world’s major credit cards are also accepted.



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RE:[sap-log-sd] Outbound invoice using EDI

Posted by Nadine
on 08/02/2008 07:39:00 AM

this will give u the normal invoice/po ack / asn’s
—–Original Message—–
While doing outbound invoice using EDI i have found this error “Maintain outgoing EDI-connection data for partner”.
Can anyone tell me how to proceed.
Thanks in advance

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[sap-log-sd] output detemination trans for outbound purchase orders?

I know the ones for invoice/po ack etc.. but for the purchase orders.. i want to SEND outbound.. what trans do i use to setup the outbound determination records?

Re: [sap-log-sd] Any experience enhancing Doc Flow?

ITtoolbox sap-log-sd

Posted by sourav.singh
on 08/02/2008 08:36:00 AM

Hii dave
you can check billing type ‘FX’ in billing doc in ECC6 this doc
has reference of external trasaction in its doc flow.
Pls check .
I see that there’s a preceding/subsequent document category of “External
Transaction”, : Where’s this setting … SPRO pls explain ..
Sourav Singh
“Dream” is not what you see in sleep…….Is the thing which does not let you
On 8/2/08, Dave Thornburgh via sap-log-sd <>
> Greetings!
> Has anyone out there ever had to enhance document flow (in the sales order,
> for instance) to include an external transaction in the flow for a
> particular order?
> We have a process (that is one step up from manual) that needs to be
> completed before the delivery can be created. The process is started by a
> user exit in order create. The problem is, there are cases where the
> process cannot be started, and end users cannot tell the difference by
> looking at the sales order. If we could add a notation about our custom
> event into the document flow, then they would have visibility about if it
> happened or not.
> I see that there’s a preceding/subsequent document category of “External
> Transaction”, but I’ve not been able to locate any documentation about
> utilizing it, or even if it’s a generic type as I suspect…
> Thanks,
> Dave

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Re: [sap-log-sd] Pricing incl MWST

Posted by ramanathan raja
on 08/02/2008 09:01:00 AM

go to the condition type details column of MWST and change the calculation type as H which means % included and then create condition record accordingly
— On Thu, 31/7/08, SAP_Group via sap-log-sd <> wrote:
From: SAP_Group via sap-log-sd <>
Subject: [sap-log-sd] Pricing incl MWST
To: “ramanathan raja” <>
Date: Thursday, 31 July, 2008, 12:23 AM
ITtoolbox sap-log-sd

I have a scenario whereby I create a sale using price incl of MWST.
How do I set up a pricing procedure to split the MSWT portion to post to the correct GL and still invoice at the correct value?

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[sap-log-mm] Lock the material to material transfer movement type 309 & 309E in MIGO

Posted by ammahen
on 08/02/2008 09:01:00 AM


How to lock the material to material transfer movement type 309 and 309E in
Transaction Code “MIGO”. I want to lock only this two movement types. Please
advice the way for achieve this i will great helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.

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